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USS Alabama

This blog is from when we were on our way to Alabama for our Christmas and New Years trip.

When we first got there we had to park. It took us a couple of minutes to park because we were so long. Once we finally parked, we headed over to the side to look at some of the planes. I can't believe that they were in that tiny space. Did you know that they folded up the wings when they weren't using it to make more room for more planes and other things?

I had no idea that they could even do that. Once we got through looking at the plane outside, we put our masks on and went inside to look at some things.

We had to wait in line for a minute to get tickets, then we finally made it in. It was really cool to see all of the planes and some of the artwork on them. When I looked over, they had a plane flying simulator. At first it looked really fun, but then it started moving with the people in it. When it started it looked rough, but then I thought it might feel different on the inside. Even though I thought about asking, I didn't because I didn't want to go on it anyway. While I was thinking about that, we started to head over towards another area. It had the names of the people who died in the war. There was a big plaque with all of the names. After that we started to in head the other direction to head to the battleship. On our way there we passed a couple more planes. One of them had a gorilla on the side of the plane! I thought that it was cool that they put drawings on some of the planes for decoration. I think it was for decoration, it may have been for the symbol of that mission like they do at NASA. Once we made it outside, I was nervous to go on because it was actually on the water. When we were on the top of the

ship, it wasn't that bad. Then, my mom downloaded the USS Alabama app so she could see some of the self tours we could take. The app also has some fun facts if you type in what part of the ship you are in. I think we went on the red tour because it sounded the most interesting to us. If you are ever passing by in Alabama and you need a break for an hour or two, this is the place to go.

When we first got on I thought it was interesting because you could see all of the canons and you could also also go inside where they used to sit and shoot the guns. My dad told me that they have these really big speakers so they could hear when they shoot. That is why most of the people who worked in that area became hard of hearing. Then, we started the tour. Our first stop was looking where they made some of the tools. My dad really liked that area because he is into that kind of stuff. Next up, we were in the kitchen area where they made the bread and had the old type of seating. When I tried moving the chair in and out of the table, it was really heavy. I didn't know how heavy it was until I tried moving it. They played speakers to represent the men cooking. Even though it was fake, the bread was looking good to eat. Once we played with the seats and sat in them a little bit more, we went to the next section.

The next part was looking at where they slept. When I went inside the rooms where they slept I was surprised. I didn't think that they slept that way. It is like they're packed in like little sardines. There were a few rooms full of beds for all of the people. I wonder how many people hit their heads on the bed above them in the mornings. Everyone that was on the top must have been lucky because they didn't have to worry about that.

Our next stop on the ship was the photography room. It had red lighting inside and at was a little small, but had enough space to work. The door was black and metal like all of the other doors. Some of the doors were grey, some were grey and black, and then some of them were just black. On the side of the door it

had a description of the Photography Lab. Inside you can see there is a clock and maybe some papers. Once we checked out the photography lab, we went up the stairs to the top of the ship. The tour wasn't over yet, but we decided that that was enough for now. The steps were really, really steep. I am glad I didn't fall down.

Once we left the ship, we headed through the gift shop because we wanted to check it out and because it was our only way out. There were stickers, ornaments, toys, shirts, and a lot more. We decided not to get anything from there though. When we got out of the gift shop, it was time to leave. So, we got in the coach, washed our hands, and then we left to go to our next stop.

That is it for this blog! Stay tuned for more!

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