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5 Things To-Do in Miami,Oklahoma

Since we are here in Miami,Oklahoma getting the RV worked on, I decided explore 5 things to do in Miami,Oklahoma. So, if you are ever stopping by, you can check out some of the places! The very first time we were here, we realized that it was pronounced like Miam-uh. Now, on to the the 5 things to do in Miami,Oklahoma!

  1. Go on the Newell Factory Tour. If you want to know more about it, go see my Newell Factory Tour blog. Click the button below.


2. Another tour that you could do is The Coleman Theater. It is not a regular movie theater. It is an actual old theater. We didn't go on the tour this time, but maybe next time we will. Even if you don't want to go on the tour, just seeing the outside is super cool.


3. Visit downtown! At first you might think that there isn't that much in town, but really there is a lot there. You just have to peel back some of the layers. It is a smaller town, so you can also just go for a walk. Almost all of the stores there are small businesses.These are a few of the stores that we went to.

☻ Flint Creek Bath Co.

Flint Creek Bath Co, has super cool bath bombs, hair accessories, and more. I love the bath bombs. Some of the bath bombs have something in it, so for example, when it comes out in the tub it looks like a rainbow. That is the one that I got. There are also others, that are like a regular bath bomb. It's incredible on how mush detail she puts into each one. I haven't been able to try one yet, but from the videos and pictures, I can't wait! The other thing that I bought, was the no snag hair elastics. I have already used them. The ones I had before didn't work, but these do. It was super easy to get them out of your hair. Click the button below to visit her website.

☻ J.Bae Boutique

Flint Creek Bath Co. and J.Bae Boutique are a part of the same building. She does earrings, moccasins, and leather hand bags. All of her products are super pretty. She also hand makes all of the items. My favorite pair of earrings is the cheetah print ones. The earrings that she makes can be dress up or casual. There are also all different shapes of earrings. All of her bags are made out of leather. The bags can also be used for casual uses and dress up. Click the button below to check out her website.

☻ Chapters Book Store

Chapters is a great book store, and also a great place to get a gift for someone. If you are a fan of Starbucks, they have one inside. Chapters has items from small vases all the way to books. It used to be an old drug store. Before you walk in, the drug store sign is still outside. The people who work there are really nice. They helped my mom find what she was looking for. Overall, it's a great book store


4. GAR Cemetery

I wasn't able to go the the cemetery this time while we were here, but my mom went and she really likes it. GAR Cemetery is 86 acres, with over 20,000 burial plots currently in place. The oldest grave there is dated 1892. GAR stands for Grand Army of the Republic. 15 of the WWII flyers were buried there. They hung the British flag and named the spot The British Plot. There is also a statue of an Indian Chief. You can place pennies on the statue for good luck. If you want to learn more about the GAR Cemetery, click the button below.


5. Shawnee Tribal Center

Inside, they have 2 walls dedicated to Gibson Byrd's Art. The collection was called "Byrd's Eye View". Once we checked out the art, we went to the other side of the building. The other side had some activities. Me and mom did the community coloring wall. The community coloring wall is a huge coloring page, that everyone can color in. The next thing that I did was write my name on a lego, and you can put it on the wall and it forms the logo of the tribe. I think it is a really cool place, and kid friendly. Click the button below to check out their website.


Have you been to Miami, OK and have suggestions for other things to see? Let me know and I will check it out next time I am in Miami! That is it for this blog, stay tuned for the next one.

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