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Newell Factory Tour!

When it was time to start the factory tour, I was really excited. We were the only ones there. I brought my camera, with me so I could take pictures. Our tour guy was named Josh. He was really nice. He let me take pictures of everything. The first thing we looked at was the blueprints for a couple of the RV's. The next thing we did was go into the room where they decided the fabrics, cabinet material, and more. I liked seeing all the fabrics because I like to sew. I wish I could have taken some of the fabrics home with me. Until you see it, you don't realize how much work gets put into choosing the details like the fabrics, all the way to handlebars for the cabinets. After we finished looking at everything in that room, we walked outside to look at one of the RV's that was getting ready to be picked up. It was getting some work done on the front of it.

The next thing that we did was go to where the beginning stages of the coaches were being made. I was able to take a few pictures of them welding the pieces together. It turned out really good.

We were still in the building where they make the coaches. We got to see one of the generators that goes into the bottom part of the RV. I have only seen the generators, when they are in the RV. Never when they are out.

Next we went in where the coaches are wired and went inside one of the coaches. When we were in there, he said that there were miles of wire in one coach. That is a lot! It makes sense though, because there are a lot of electrical things and buttons in the coach. Then, we were able to go inside one of the coaches that was almost done. It was really bright inside because of all the lights. I really liked the kitchen part. That was probably my favorite part of the RV. There were a lot of buttons. I didn't even know what half of them were for.

When we were walking, we saw more blueprints of the coaches. There is a lot of stuff on the paper. I don't know how they read it all. The next place that we went was the wood shop. They have wood templates that they use in the coaches hanging on the walls, but the rest of the stuff they hand make. They had a bunch of tables in the building for them to work on.

The second to last part was the upholstery shop. That is where they would the fabric to the furniture. One of the workers there was doing a bed. The other worker was sorting the fabrics out I think. It was hard to see because she was working at a desk behind a shelf.

The last part of the tour was the paint shops. I didn't know how long of a process it was until now. You have to do everything step by step. Sometimes they were there after hours because they couldn't stop in the middle of a paint job. If they did, I don't think it would look that great. There were two tables filled with paint buckets.

Once we were done with the paint shops, we were back at the service department where we started. I really liked the tour that we did, and I would definitely do it again sometime. It was super cool to see everything, from how they were made, to painting them. Everyone here is so nice and really talented.

That is it for this blog, stay tuned for the next one!!

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