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Grand Canyon National Park (Part 10)

Welcome back. We are on part 10 of our Cross Country Road Trip series. There are just three more blogs until we are done with this amazing and exciting trip!

Once we had to leave Las Vegas we got to go to one of my mom's favorite places. The Grand Canyon! When we got to the campground, there was an animal. It was cool because I got to get up close to it, but not as close as my mom did. It was the mother or father with their kid. I didn't give it water from a bucket, but a few other people did. After that, we had to go back to the van and start to unpack and get settled in.

When my mom went to test the connection for work the next day, we found out that we had no connection. So, while my mom was figuring that out, me and my dad went for a walk to see the Grand Canyon. When we got there it was so pretty. We went on a little trail. On the way back we passed some donkeys. As soon as we were walking by, one farted. Right as I was walking by! On that note we made it back, and we still couldn't figure out the connection. So, we made the decision that in the morning we would get up super early and head towards a parking lot that had some connection. That night, my mom and I went for a bike ride. She saw a short cut, so we went that way. Then, it was time to go because it was getting dark. On the way back, it was really dark. So, we had to use a phone flashlight. When we were on a trail on our way back, I started to hear coyotes howl. It freaked me out. That is when we started going a little bit faster. Once we got back, we got ready for bed and and went to sleep.

The next day we got up at about 4:45am so my mom could work. Once we got parked I went back to bed. Then at about 6:30am I woke up again. I got ready and me and my dad went for a bike ride. It was morning, so it was really pretty. Once we got back I watched some TV. During the day we did a couple more walks.

Stay tuned for more blogs. Next up Sedona, Arizona. Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

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