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Yellowstone National Park (Part 5)

After we got a good night sleep and went to the rodeo, we had some breakfast and headed toward Yellowstone. Once we got threw the gate, we stopped to look at the beautiful view. After that, we looked at the mud pools. It did not smell very good, but it looked really cool. The mud pools were with a few other things. Along with the mud pools, there was a small geyser, streams, and a few really deep ponds. The ponds were really pretty.

There was also one big stream. It was brown and tan. It looked really unique! There was even light blue with a little bit of green mixed in. After that stop, we headed down the road a little bit more, and we saw a few bison! There was nowhere to park, so we just had to keep going. When we stopped again we were at a lake. The lake was cold, but really pretty. On that stop we had a snack, and then kept on going.

We headed down the road a little bit more and soon enough, we got to Old Faithful. We had to wait 10 minutes until it went off. A couple times, it made a few bubbles or a big splash. Everyone got exited and then it didn't go off. I think people wait there for maybe a half hour sometimes because we were in the middle row. The people who got the first row had to be there really early. Once it went off, it was so high. It was amazing!

Once we left Old Faithful we went to the gift shop. I got a stuffed animal and a sweatshirt. We got a sticker to put on the refrigerator also. Once we got out of there, we headed back to the campground, and had dinner.

Well, that was it for this blog. Stay tuned for more!!

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