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Shennendoah Valley

If you ever are in West Virginia you should go to Shenandoah Valley. Shenandoah Valley is mostly mountains. When you are driving through there are many overlooks. Some overlooks are similar to others, so we kept driving till the next overlook. The overlooks are beautiful, when you look out you can see all of the mountains and sometimes you can see a couple houses. When we were driving we saw a bunch of people biking and I don’t know how they do it because you are mostly going uphill.

Photo taken by: Rainbow Sparkle Photography

When we were done driving through the mountains we started to head toward an apple cider place.We booked the apple cider place through Harvest Hosts. Harvests Hosts is a company that you have to be a member to, but it is worth it. If you do a Harvest Hosts you will be able to stay at wineries, breweries, farms, and lots more. We stayed at an apple cider farm and it was really good. As soon as we got there we found a spot to park and then we went to get a drink and they were really good. I got a slushie and I highly recommend that, and we got a free sticker! Then, we played a little bit of Jenga while having some sparkling apple cider. Before you knew it the sun was setting and it was beautiful.

Photo taken by: Rainbow Sparkle Photography

At first, I was wondering why they were called the Blue Ridge Mountains and then I started to see the blue when the sun was setting. When the sun was setting it looked so pretty and I was just standing there looking at it and taking pictures. When it was time to go to bed I fell right to sleep because it was a long day and then in the morning I woke up to see the sunrise, and again, it was also really pretty. Then, on our way back we stopped at the Natural Bridge and it was outstanding! I can’t believe that it was all formed naturally. When you go you have to walk on a trail to get there, but it is worth the walk because it is only a mile including the rest of the trail. The rest of the trail includes a small cave, a waterfall, and a replica of what the Indians built as their homes. After we did that it was time to head home. Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon!!

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1 commentaire

09 août 2020

Your pictures were beautiful of Shenandoah Valley! Enjoy hearing about your stops and places to stay. That Apple cider sounds really good!

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