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Sedona, Arizona (Part 11)

Only two more blogs until this whole entire cross country road trip comes to an end. The last spot on the other side of the country is Sedona, Arizona. Right after Grand Canyon we headed towards Rancho Sedona. It is an RV park. Rancho Sedona was one of the nicest RV parks that we have been too. If you want to check it out, here is the link:

Once we got there and got settled in, we started to make some dinner. While my dad was making the dinner, I was riding my bike. Where we were it was all rocks in a big loop, but I did it anyway. Once dinner was done I had to stop and eat. Once we were done with dinner, we headed down town.

When we got there I noticed these statues of these pig looking things. I found out that they were called javelinas. You saw the statues of the pigs every now and then on the street. Once we looked up and saw what the javelinas were. We walked around a little bit more and checked it out until it was time to

head back to the RV park. When we got back, we locked up the bikes so no one would take them, and headed inside.

In the morning we got up and had some breakfast. It was a nice morning so I went out to ride my bike again. When I came around the corner I almost fell, but I caught myself so I didn't. Once I was finished biking we headed towards town. That day would be more for being in town and looking around. When we got there we saw a small little shop. Me and my mom went inside. As soon as I went in there, I found a shirt. It said, "Tacocat Spelled Backwards is Tacocat". It had a picture in the middle with a Mexican cat in a taco. Once we got the shirt we walked around a little bit more. My mom found a shop that she wanted to look into, but it was closed. We were going to go back in later to see if they were open. If you want to check out some of the things that they have here is the link:

We walked around a little bit more. Me and my mom found a pink jeep tour. You would go up and down the valley. We went in to see the information. It looked like it was good. If you want to look at it here is the link:

The only thing that was keeping us from doing it was how many people would be with us. They said it could range from just us to 5 people. We went with it and signed up anyway. We saw the times and the next one was just in a couple of minutes. So, we went to go tell my dad, and he said we could do it, but he didn't want to go. He left and we stayed. We would walk home since it wasn't that far. We waited until the driver came by to pick us up. We got in and we left. When we were heading up the mountain since it was a jeep it was super bumpy. I loved it. Along the way he pointed out rocks that were named something. With the picture to your left there is a rock called the snoopy rock. Can you find it? On the picture to the right of it it looks like a snoopy laying down. We traveled a little bit farther. Then, we stopped to get some water. We didn't have any water so luckily he had some cups for us. At the end of the jeep was a little space that had nice cold water in it. So, we got some water. Before you knew it we were back bouncing around in the valley. On the next stop, we got a few pictures. The guy that was driving us took a few pictures of us

for us. He had a really cool technique with the panoramic setting on the phone. If you stand still on one side, he will keep going until you can't see the person anymore. Then, you run around the person who is taking your picture, and do the exact same pose on that side. Then, you are done and you come out with a really cool picture. It looked like there was two of me almost! Once we were done taking a few pictures we started to head back down. When we got back down to the valley, we passed our campground, and he was nice enough to drop us off there. When we got back, we had some dinner, I rode my bike a little bit more, and went to bed.

The next day we made it to the store that my mom wanted to go in. She bought a few things, but it took her a while, so me and my dad went to go walk around a little bit. When we got back, she was just checking out. Once we left there it was time to start heading back home. We packed up all of our things and it was time to leave the other side of the country. We really didn't want to go but we had to.

Well, that is it for this blog. The next blog will be heading home. I am not sure if I will do another blog this week or not, but I will try! Happy holidays!!!!

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1 Comment

Dec 21, 2020

Sedona, my favorite place. Your three pictures captured it beautifully. Found snoopy! Your pink jeep tour sounds like fun. Thank you for these wonderful blogs. So look forward to next one!

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