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Planning Ahead of Time for an RV Trip!

Finding a Place to Stay

When you want to travel in an RV and need to book a campsite make sure you do it ahead of time. Why? You need to plan ahead because many campsites will most likely be about full; especially because of COVID. RVing is a lot more popular now. If you are ever going to go somewhere you need to make sure you have the campsite you are going to at least two weeks ahead of time. The better campground it is the more people are going to be there, which means there may not be a spot left for you to stay where you want to stay if you do not book early.

You have to make sure that when you are looking at spots to stay overnight you also look at things to do. You don’t want to find out when you get there that there is nothing to do.

Make sure that you also look if you have to have a reservation or if it is free or not free. Plus, don’t be afraid to just wing it one night, like you could stay at a rest stop or in a parking lot if they let you stay there.


You also need to know what you are going to eat because you won’t be able to go into restaurants if you are socially distancing, but you will be able to pick things up from grocery stores and all of that. If it gets to the week before your trip and you have no idea what you are going to be doing for food, then you have a big problem. A big part of us packing was when we think of things to either eat for food, or pack, we wrote it down on a sheet of paper so we don’t forget to pack it and we layed things out on a table so when it got closer to leaving for vacation we could start packing it all in.


When it comes to packing clothes you have to make sure that you don’t pack a long sleeved shirt by accident in 90 degree weather. Make sure when you are packing you always look at the weather because you don’t want to be dressed for winter in the middle of summer unless you are going to Alaska. When you pack the clothes you have to make sure that they can fit in the place that you are putting them in nicely or it will look really messy and you won’t be able to find anything.


If you go to a campground and there is nothing to do because you can’t play on a playground anymore you need to bring games. Here are some games that I recommend:



Card game

You can also bring some coloring books to color in.

Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for more blogs about traveling and photography!!

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Jul 20, 2020

Esuper trip


Jul 20, 2020

Can not wait to be apart of this adventure and thank you for all the travel tips.

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