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Getting the Work Done ( Part 3 )

When we first got there, we had to find a spot to park the RV. Once we parked and got plugged in, it was time for my ERB tests. While I was taking the test, the weather was bad. It was raining super hard and windy. I also heard tornado sirens going off. I was a little worried, but we looked at the weather and it was about 15 - 20 miles out. I was happy when I heard that. Once I was done with my test and tornado warnings weren't going off anymore, I headed to the back of the RV to take a break and dance a little bit. On my free time I like to dance in the back. That is also another reason why I like this RV. There is a Murphy bed in the back, so it will go up and when the slide goes out and it is a nice area to dance in. That night, we had some chicken and waffles for dinner. We watched The Masked Dancer while we were eating dinner and before we went to bed also. We had some hot chocolate for dessert. Once I finished my hot chocolate, it was time for bed.

The next day we had to get up early because the workers at Newell start around 6:05am. So we had to be ready for them to knock on the door. When they were ready for us, we had to get the motor started to pull into the shop. Since I was off of school that day, I didn't have to do anything. I was glad because that way I could get used to things before hand. When we pulled into the shop, they had to lay down some white plastic so they wouldn't get the RV dirty. Today they were replacing the slide seals. Since my mom still had to work, we went into the customers' lounge. I mainly watched TV and played games the whole day. I also went back and forth to the RV for snacks and to see what was going on. When it was time for the workers break time, a bell went off. When I heard it, it startled me at first because I didn't know what it was. When that bell rang everyone was gone. Same with any other break that they had. I had a ham and cheese that day for lunch. When the final bell rang for them to leave for the day, they all walked out of the door and left. What I thought was super cool is that we were able to stay in the shop that night! We had some ice cream for dessert that night. We were parked next to two other people. I could also see the painters still working because they had to finish what they were doing with the paint before they left or else it would be a mess. I am glad that left a couple light on during the night, or else it would be pitch black.

The next morning I had another day off. The only reason I had two days off in a row was because I had a snow day. This time I didn't have the whole day off though, they gave us some work to do. We had some math, history, reading, and writing. The writing activity was fun because it was what you see out of your window. While everyone else was going to be writing about snow out of their window, I was writing about a shop outside of my window. That was probably one of my favorite things I have gotten to do for school. Once I was done with all of my school work, I went to get a snack. When I went in there, they were putting the slides back together. Then I had to go back into the lounge. While I was in there, I watched some TV for a little while and then it was already time for lunch. I had a ham and cheese with some chips. Once the day was over, we went back into the RV and went back outside to stay on the parking spot that night.

The next morning, we pulled back into the shop. Once it got around lunchtime, me and my mom went to visit someone in the sales department to ask about a factory tour. The factory tour was when you could go through the whole place and see how the RV's are made and decorated. It sounded super cool. We asked about it and she said that we could have one tomorrow afternoon. I was excited for that.

That day, it was time to get back to school. I logged on to my computer in the customer lounge. When I was on my snack break, I went to go get a snack. No one was inside the RV because they were done with working inside. They were in the back working on the motor now. I grabbed my snack and then headed back. It was cold and icy outside, but I wanted to go outside to get a breath of air. I regretted it before I could even walk 5 feet. I slipped and fell on the ice. I was glad no one was outside at that time. When I got up and went back inside, it was time to log back on for math and reading.

Once math and reading was over, I was on my lunch break. I had my lunch and then played a few games until it was time to log back on for the last few hours of school.

Next blog, you will see what the factory tour was like!!

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Cappy The Clown
Cappy The Clown
Jul 17, 2021

Such a wonderful adventure you are having! I was in Alabama all last year--can't believe you were so nearby. Back working on Hilton Head Island this summer---so happy to be enjoying all the kids again.


May 15, 2021

Glad you didn’t get hurt on the ice. Looking forward to your next blog about RV tour!

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