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Getting the work done ( part 1 )

After we left Alabama and Hilton Head, we had to get some work done. So, we called Newell to see if we could schedule an appointment. They said yes. Once we got all of that figured out, we had to figure out which route we were taking. We decided to go route 40 on the way there and back. The whole way there we would be stopping at campgrounds instead of truck stops. We would be staying at places a couple nights at a time.

All of us decided that our first stop on the way to Newell would be staying at Tom Sawer Rv Park. I thought that it was really cool. I would definitely recommend going there. The link will be down at the bottom if you want to check it out. When we were first pulling in I wasn't sure about the place. Then, we got more into it and there was a little cut out trunk to a tree that had Tom Sawer in it. I wonder how long it took that person that made that to do it? When we got fully in to the campground, it was beautiful. For the next couple of nights, we would be staying on the Mississippi River! WOW. 🤩

When we got parked and settled in, we all went outside to go over and see the river. Every now and then, you would see a push boat go by. The first time I saw it I thought it was unique. A couple times there were ones that were really long. When we went over there, we noticed a tree that had a lot of roots. When it is flooding season, you can see where it went up to. My dad said that you can see where the tree is clean and dirty. You can also see a line in middle of the trunk.

The next day, I had to log on for school. When it was time for Spanish, I was able to go outside and show them the view. That was really fun. That day it was also really windy, so it was hard to hear. I had to get inside quickly so I could listen.

After school was over, I worked on my homework and then played some field hockey with my dad. It was windy so my hair kept getting in the way. Once I got tired we went back inside and I had a snack. While I was eating my snack I was finishing up my reading homework. Then, I was done with all of my homework and I danced a little before dinner. That night we a tacos for dinner. They were really good. Afterwards I had my creative writing class. We were working on Blackout Poems.

Once that was over, we started settling in for the night. Right before we were going to put the shade down, I saw the Memphis bridge. It was awesome to see because all of the twinkling lights changed colors every few minutes. Then we finally had to put the shade down and go to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and logged on to school. They asked where I was and I said that we were on the Mississippi River just like yesterday. I aways enjoy telling them where I am everyday. Once I was on my lunch break, I danced for a little bit and ate some lunch. I also went outside to take some photos. I tried taking a photo of the roots of the trees. I didn't know how it was going to turn out, but it turned out amazing!

Once me and my mom took some photos, we watched the sunset a little. It was really pretty. Between the fog and the oranges in the sky, it was beautiful. I wonder if the sky is always like that for sunsets. It was right after it rained, which probably made the fog. So, I think we got pretty lucky on that one.

After that, me and my mom headed over to the other side because it was dark out now. I really wanted a picture of the bridge because I knew if I didn't, I would regret it. I tried and I had to use my mom's shoulder because with the big lense on the camera, it is really hard to keep it still. The bridge picture didn't turn out very well, but it is good enough. After that we went inside and did our normal night routine. I fell right asleep to a show that my mom and dad were watching. For some reason some shows of theirs, always puts me to sleep sometimes.

The next morning it was time to leave, sadly. I was doing school in the back while we were driving along. When I was on my lunch break, I watched a show on my iPad and while we were driving my mom managed to make me a microwaveable mini slider. It was really good. Otherwise, we were just traveling for that day.

That is it for this blog. I hoped you enjoyed and stay tuned for part 2!

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