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Getting New RV

After we were done with our cross country road trip, we weren't traveling on the road for a little bit. That is because we were in the process of selling the van and getting a bigger RV. Since we loved being on the road, we decided to get a bigger one that would allow us to be more comfortable.

We looked at many different websites in the period of 1 or 2 months. We finally narrowed down the search to a few different brands.

There was key features that our family felt were important. Things like having larger windows since I would be traveling in the back, and having a space for us to build my bed. Having a bed of my own was really important to me and everyone else because I wanted a space of my own to work on my computer and not be sleeping on the couch. My dad was originally not looking for slide outs. That way when we stopped at truck stops we would still have room to walk and not be squished. When looking at the floor plans, we had to find the right one for us.

The search continued for months until we found the right one. When we finally found the right one, there we many things that we liked about it. 1. The dinette could easily be transformed into a bed for me. 2. It only had slides on one side. 3. It had a fold up bed to make more room in the back. 4. When the bed folded up it had a desk that came out.

Now that we have a bigger RV, it requires a different type of planning. It is different because when you are towing a car, you can't back up. Plus, searching for RV parks, some RV parks with not fit us. Since Rving is so popular right now, campgrounds are selling out. Even taking breaks takes more planning because you have to look for easy exits that can easily fit a larger vehicle.

The packing is also very different. The difference was, not having to shove my things into cubes and not having to shove things into small cabinets for them to fit. Now, I have my own area to put my things and having my own drawers. I also feel like I have my own space and I can organize it the way I want, instead of having to share my space and have it organized a whole other way. It also just feels good to have your own space sometimes.

When we had the van, the bathroom was so tiny. The shower and the toilet and the sink were all in a really tiny spot. Now, we have a larger bathroom that has a full size sink and counter space, a full size small shower that we can all move around in, and a toilet not in the shower. It was really nice not to be squished anymore.

For my stuff it was different too. I have a stuffies a lot home, and in the van my limit was 3 or 4. Now, I can bring a few more with me. We also have the ability to bring a few more games now. Instead of packing small games and very few of them, we can bring board games and more.

Overall, it was a great journey and I am so glad that we finally found the right one.

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2 commentaires

04 janv. 2021

You are such a lucky young lady to get to travel so much! I can't wait till you guys are in this area again so you can stop in and say hi and maybe spend a night on the lot so we can visit!

Terri Grogan


03 janv. 2021

It sounds absolutely wonderful! Look forward to your next travel blog.

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