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Entering Wyoming (Part 4)

After we left the Medicine Wheel, we headed toward Cody, Wyoming. When we got to the campground, it was really pretty. Once we parked and got all situated, we made some dinner. After dinner, I saw that there was a rodeo in town. I rally wanted to go. After we all decided that it is worth going, we got in the car and went. Did you know that Cody, Wyoming is the rodeo capital of the world? Once we got there it was so cool. Except, it was really stinky. When we were in the parking lot everyone stopped for the Star Spangled Banner. Afterwards, we got tickets to the buzzards booth. That means we were right above all of the animals. At one point two of the bulls in the gate started fighting. There were a lot of animals.

When we sat down the rodeo had already started, but we only missed the first few minutes. They started catching the cattle (cow). Some of them got it, but most of them didn't. After that, they did barrel racing. That was one of my favorite parts of the rodeo. Most of the girls went when it was time for barrel racing. I loved their music playlist. They played it the whole rodeo, and I wish I had the playlist. When horses are barrel racing they go really fast. Some of the horses knocked down the barrels, but most of them didn't.

Once the barrel racing was done, they moved on to bucking horses. The first few rounds went well. After that, one of the guys got injured. When he fell off, the hoof of the horse hit him. At first he wasn't moving. Then, he moved and was walked to the ambulance. He was ok though. Afterward, they went on to bull riding, that all went well. There was also a clown. When the bulls came out, he stood in the middle of where they were riding. I would never want to do that! One time he actually had to move so the bull wouldn't hit him! Even the kids got on a sheep and rode around the stadium. After the rodeo was over I wanted to go back and do it every night, but we could only stay for a few nights. We headed back and went to bed. Tomorrow we will head for Yellowstone National Park.

Well, that was it for this blog. Next time, I will talk about our trip to Yellowstone National Park! Stay tuned for more!!

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1 Comment

Nov 09, 2020

Love , love this blog! I am so excited to become a part of your adventures traveling with your Mom and Dad! I am printing all your blog posts and creating a folder for all of Motorhomes of Texas customers to enjoy!

Terri Grogan

Delivery Center Administrator

Motorhomes of Texas

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