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Cross Country Road Trip (Part 8)

Once we left the Slat Flats, I said "We have to come back next year!". Our next leg of the trip was heading to the Extraterrestrial Highway. The way there was interesting. It was only the wide open road. Nothing to look at, just the road ahead of you.

When we arrived it was not what I was expecting. You had to pull off the highway onto a side road and there it was. A big sign that said "Extraterrestrial Highway".

When we got there, there was another sign that said E.T. Fresh Jerky. So, we went there. We got inside and there were a bunch of cool drawings on the walls. There was more than just Jerky. There were stickers, souvenirs and stories about aliens and Area 51. We got some jerky. I didn't like it. Too chewy for me. Since I didn't like the Jerky, I was able to get an alien headband. If you want to check it out, here is the link:

My mom tried putting in Area 51 on google maps. It was there on google maps, but when she clicked on directions it said we couldn't find this place! Once we left there we were headed towards Las Vegas.

Well, that is it for this blog. Stay tuned for more! Next up is Las Vegas!

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