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Cross Country Road Trip (Part 3)

After the Badlands, we drove to Wall Drug Store. I thought it was really cool because we went during bike week and there were a ton of motorcycles there. There was no spot to park in the parking lot because it was filled with motorcycles, and it was a big parking lot. Once we parked we walked down the sidewalk and headed inside. One we got inside there were shops and people everywhere. You can go into a bookstore, get western gear, and lots more! They even sell bumper stickers for 15 cents online! You can't forget the food, they sell lots of candies also. Once we walked threw most of the store we were back on the road again and started to head towards Mount Rushmore. When we got through the entrance it was so cool. It is amazing that people hung on ropes and carved every little detail by hand.

Once we spent our time at Mt. Rushmore, we headed toward the Medicine Wheel in Big Horn. When we got to Big Horn, we had to climb up and up a mountain until we got to the Medicine Wheel parking lot. The elevation of Big Horn is 10,000 feet high. Once we got out of the car we had to walk about a mile. Once we got up to the top of the hill it was worth the walk. Did you know that they still host group sessions there sometimes? They still have some offerings that people put in the circle like a deer antler, a piece of ribbon hung to the ropes, and etc.

Well, that's it for this blog. Stay tuned for Part 4!

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