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Cross Country Road Trip (Part 2) The Badlands

After we went to the Jolly Green Giant we drove many more hours and then we were at the Badlands.

We arrived when it was dark out. It was really cool because every time you went around a corner with your headlights on, it was a different rock formation. When we got there we got set up, had some dinner, set up the bed, and went to bed.

The next morning we got up had some breakfast and headed to the park. When we got there it was really busy. We got a sticker and put it on the refrigerator in the van. After that we stopped at the first lookout. It was so cool, all of the rock formations and the brownish and tanish colors. After we took a few pictures we headed to the next lookout. All of the different rock formations are really cool. So, we looked at a bunch more lookouts and then when we were on the road heading to the next lookout, we saw these motorcycles with American flags on the back.

When we were on our trip it was bike week, and Sturgis is where they open bike week. The bikers we met with the American flags got to open for bike week and they were on Good Morning America! All of them have served our country and are combat veterans. I had the ability to take a few photos of the motorcycles. One of the guys had a service dog, so I got a few photos of the dog too. After I took the photos, we got his phone number so we could send him some of the photos. He said he really liked them. Once we left that lookout we went to a few other lookouts and then we headed back towards the campground.

That was our trip to the badlands. Hoped you liked it. Stay tuned for more blogs coming up!

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