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Cross Country Road Trip (Part 1)

Have you ever been cross country in an RV? Well, I just did, and it was amazing!

Our first stop was, Ohio Northern University! My uncle gave us a tour of a building that was named in honor of him and after that we had some lunch. We ordered take out at an Italian restaurant, and I would drive five hours just for a meal at that place! It was delicious, I got plain spaghetti, one meatball, and garlic bread. I asked for butter on my spaghetti and they gave me lots of melted butter, it was like liquid butter. Then, I went to eat the meatball, and it couldn't fit in my mouth because it was so big! After we ate our food, we hit the road again and then we went to the Pink Elephant.

The Pink Elephant is exactly what it sounds like, it's a pink elephant with big black colored sunglasses. It was really cool and big. So, we took some pictures of the Pink Elephant and then we had to hit the road again. After the Pink Elephant we stopped at FAST.

It was super cool! They made fiberglass molds, then sold them to the parks that wanted them. Then, we stopped at a cheese mart in Wisconsin. Who can go to Wisconsin and not have cheese. The store was called Humbird Cheese Mart.

When we got inside there were rows and rows of cheeses. We got one bag of cheese curds and one bag of cheese sticks. You wouldn't believe how amazing those cheese curds and cheese sticks were. We saw someone got twelve bags of cheese curds, and now we know why. If you are ever in Wisconsin I would totally recommend going there. Our next stop was the Jolly Green Giant. It was as big as two, two floor houses, maybe more! When we went to take a picture of it, I could barley fit it all in! There was a little area where you could stand between his legs and take a picture. When I looked up it was so big, It felt like I was standing underneath the biggest tree in the world. Then, I stepped down and it didn't matter what angle you were looking at him, he was still really big.

That concludes our first portion of the trip. Stay tuned for the rest.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2020

Absolutely love your blogs. Restaurant sounds amazing in Ohio. The Pink Elephant and all your other stops you describe in detail makes me want to visit them myself. Keep posting these wonderful blogs and can not wait for part two!

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