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Coming Home (part 13)

This is our final cross country road trip blog. We are finishing it off with Nashville, Tennessee. When we got to the RV park, they were still under construction. Even though they were still working it is definitely worth looking at if you need to find an RV park near Nashville. Check it out here:

Once we got all settled in, me and my mom got our bathing suits on and got in the lake. I thought that it was cool that where you exit the beach area, there is a little spot that you can put your dog in a little thing and wash them. If you do bring a dog to this RV park, they are definitely dog friendly. The lake has a rope with big balls around where you have passed the line and you can't go any further. Once we got towards the center, we started to feel some rocks and seaweed. It almost felt like Ursula was touching our feet. When we got out of the lake, my dad met us at some of the chairs that they had. The chairs were super comfortable. They had a cup holder on the side and a foot rest. When the wind picked up a little bit the chair spun. Once we sat in the chairs for a good 10 minutes, we headed back towards the RV. The view from the lake was awesome. We were on the lake.

When we got back, I got in the shower second. Once I got out and got dressed, I took my bike around the loop like 10 times. Then I had to stop for dinner. Again after dinner, I took about 5 laps that time. Then I had to get ready for bed. We roasted some marshmallows, they were really good. Once we ate the marshmallows, it started to get buggy out. If you do ever go, the mistake that we made was not closing the door as much as we should have. The only reason why I am saying that is because at night, all of the water bugs are attracted to the lights. So, when we forgot to shut the door, at least 5 bugs got in. On the windows you could see like 10 of them.

In the morning we woke up and ate some breakfast. After breakfast I took about five laps and then asked my mom if she wanted to ride with me. It took a couple of minutes to convince her to do it, but she finally did it with me. If you do ever go to this RV park, definitely bring your bike because as you can see I am doing it a lot. My mom and I looked at all of the RV's when we went around. I think some of them have been there for a month or so because they have lights, chairs, and more outside. We took one loop and then headed up towards where they were doing construction. We had to turn around at the loop because we couldn't go any further.

After we finished up and my dad packed up and unplugged we headed towards Nashville. When we got there and parked, we had to get a parking ticket. After we waited in line, we started walking. If you do ever go with anyone young be careful on what restaurant that you go into. I say that because most of the restaurants have loud music inside of them. Or some of them would probably starting to play soon. Most of the time when we went it was mostly walking. We went into a couple of stores. I didn't get anything. I think my mom got something. After we walked around a little bit more it was time to leaves Nashville. Our next stop was looking at some bigger RV's at Olympia Luxury Coaches.

When we got there we looked around a little bit. We went inside some coaches. They were really nice. If you want to check some of them out now, here is the link:

This is their Instagram: @olympialuxurycoaches Once we looked inside some it was time to go. We left to go home straight from there. It took a few hours, but we finally made it. WE ARE BACK HOME!!! I was so glad to be home. Our dogs were there waiting for us. We let them out and unpacked. It was the end of our 3 week journey. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!

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I am so glad that you have liked all of the Cross Country Road Trip blogs that I have done



The lake looks beautiful what a great spot. What an amazing vacation! Thank you and happy holidays!

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