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Coming Home (part 12)

It is finally time to come home. On our way home we have two more things to do. Once we left Sedona, we had one out of the two more spots in Texas. It was Cadillac Ranch. When we got there, it was not what I was expecting. You had to pull to the side of the highway and open a gate to get in. If you ever go, you have to bring spray paint. When you go there you are spray painting the cars. They dug them into the ground. They do have sappy paint for you to use, but it is really dirty. So, we just brought our own.

I put my initials on one of the cars and a heart on another. After I did the heart and initials, my Dad surrounded it with a darker pink. Then, it looked like it was 3D. For my last drawing I did my signature smiley face. On almost all of my drawings I have a smile face on them. That is why we call it my signature smiley face. My mom and dad spray painted a couple of cars also. I'm not sure what they did. I think my dad did his initials also. Once we all did a couple of things, it was time to go. We got back in the RV, washed our hands, and put the spray paint in the back. Once we were all done spray painting, we were back on the road.

When we were driving we made the decision to stop in Nashville for a day or two. When we were there we were going to check out some bigger RV's. We were going to go to Olympia Luxury Coaches. If you ever want to check it out when you are looking for some new RV's, here is the link:

It took a couple of hours to get there, but we finally made it. I won't tell you all of it now. Nashville will be our last Cross Country Road Trip blog. Stay tuned for more. Merry Christmas!!!

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2020

Thank You for another interesting and informative blog. Did not know about Cadillac Ranch. Now, that looks like fun to do and thank you for the excellent picture. Merry Christmas

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