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Bonneville Salt Flats (Part 7)

Once we left the beautiful state of Wyoming, we got into Utah! When we were in Utah we stayed at The KOA. The view of the sunset and sunrise from the KOA was amazing. Once we got to the campground we had some dinner, got ready for bed, and went to sleep.

The next morning we had to get up bright and early so we would get to the salt flats in time to get a spot there. When we got there, the sun had just finished coming up. We had to get wristbands so they knew that we were allowed in that area. After that, we didn't know where to park. So, we asked someone. They said if you want to see them starting at almost no speed, head a couple hundred feet down, but if you want to see them at like 150-200 mph, go down a little while more. Once we found a spot to park, we met a few people. They have been there multible years so they already knew each other. About 20 minutes after we got there, they started racing! If you are ever at the Bonneville Salt Flats I would suggest that you bring binoculars because you are far away from the cars so it will be hard to see without the binoculars. When the first driver went, I got to use the binoculers. The cars were moving so fast, I had to move the binoculars constently. I learned that when they to get the cars arcross the track, they pull them by a rope or connect them to the truck.

Then, a few more cars came by. They were going really, really fast. We got a video of it and it didn't even take a second for it to go by when we watched the video. After the cars, a motorcycle came by. It was going really well. He was going 250 mph. Unfortunately, he crashed. He tipped over and the motorcycle was rolling and rolling. He went with the motorcycle while it was rolling. When he finally stopped all of the trucks and ambulances went rushing out. They all circled him so they could have some privacy and not have anyone zoom in with their binoculars or camera. At first he wasn't moving. Eventually, he made a small movement and they got him in the ambulance. After that a few more cars went.

If you do ever go, you must bring sunglasses. During the day it gets really bright. Once the racing was done we left and went to the gas station and got some water and souvenirs. We got a shirt and a mug. After that we checked out and we're back on the road again.

Well, that is it for this blog. Stay tuned for our next stop!

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